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Our Vision 

AHL Legal prides ourselves in being able to provide top quality services for clients who require assistance in navigating the legal systems of Australia and China. In light of the ever-growing proximity between Australia and China, we work to bridge the gap between the differences in their legal systems and business environments, so our clients can reap the benefits of Australia and China's tight-knit relationship.

Overview and Progress

The strengthening of business ties between China and Australia has led to us specialising in litigation and corporate law. However, our growing business continues to cater to most areas of law that our clients are involved with, and we hope to expand in order to cater to every Chinese-Australian in need, both new and established. We continue to work on important and high-profile cases in both countries, using our expertise and language proficiency to service our clients in both Australia and China.

AHL Legal has professional legal teams which combine high-quality theoretical and practical experience. Our experienced consultants and lawyers specialising in various fields, form teams to provide tailored services to our clients, combining theory and practices on Common Law trials to objectively evaluate cases from two perspectives of the law and the jury. Regular case reviews and risk assessment procedures are proven to be effective as the key to the success of AHL Legal in the past legal practices. 

In our nearly 30 years of litigation experience, we have established excellent cooperative and interactive relationships with third parties to strengthen our proficiency in litigation, drawing upon knowledge from expert witnesses and synthesising this into our expertise.

As a professional litigation law firm, AHL Legal maintains excellent long-term cooperative relationships with many of Australia’s leading Queen’s Counsels and Senior Counsels in various litigation fields, and has established strategic partnerships with well-known barristers. 

Along the way, AHL Legal has been the trailblazer for ground-breaking cases regarding Chinese-Australians here in Australia. The “Victoria Park Case” that we handled effectively, revolutionised the way the property sector works in NSW. We have also been part of changing the status of Chinese-Australian lawyers in the legal community, from previously working at the fringes of the legal sector, to being at the heart of landmark cases.

30 Years of Expertise in Australian and Chinese Law

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30 Years of Expertise
in Australian and Chinese Law



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